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WALKER gravel pump helps you deal with the extremely aggressive slurries, gavels, sands, or other heavy sediment loaden liquid. Manufactured with hard metal components, our GRAVEL & SAND pumps are designed specifically for challenging applications.

Have problems with clogs due to solids settling at the bottom of the sump? WALKER Pumps offers the only agitator (optional) available for a gravel sand pump. Contact us to get the solutions.

walker gravel pump process plant

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Centrifugal Pump Suction Pipeline Design

During the working process of the centrifugal pump, users often ask the following questions: Is there a requirement for the length of the straight pipe section in the arrangement of the inlet pipeline of the centrifugal pump? If so, on

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Selection & Use Guide of Slurry Pumps

The reasonable selection of slurry pumps is one of the key factors to improve the service life of the pump. The reasonable selection of slurry pump includes a reasonable selection of pump type, performance parameters, the material of overflow parts,

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