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Municipal Water and Wastewater

The municipal water or wastewater of every country knows pumps are at the heart of their systems. Whether it’s clean water or dirty water.

Municipal Water, the water supply mode is the intelligent numerical control frequency conversion water supply mode. According to the change of water consumption, the water pump with frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted, the pressure is controlled and the pressure of the air pressure tank is stabilized, so as to achieve the goal of saving energy, saving electricity, low consumption and saving management cost.

Municipal water supply system application
1. Water Works, Pressurized Pump House
2. Residential Quarters, hotels and other buildings
3. Enterprise production water
4. Boiler Circulating Water System
5. Field Irrigation System

Municipal water supply system principle
1. The capacity of the cistern shall be greater than the maximum hourly water supply
2. Pump head should be greater than the actual height of water supply
3. Total pump flow should be greater than the actual maximum water supply
Frequency Control Cabinet selection: users can determine the water pump type and number according to the water supply volume and water supply height, and then select the control cabinet.

How to select a water pump

When selecting water pump for municipal water supply, we should consider factors such as head, terrain height difference ratio and so on. Note the following:
1. According to the energy consumption of the pump, choose the pump with low energy consumption as far as possible. When the water pressure and water quantity change greatly, it can be adjusted by changing the impeller, adjusting the speed of the unit, adjusting the blades, etc.
2. In general, the large pump means higher efficiency, so can not adapt to the changes in water volume and choose too many small pump;
3. In order to reduce energy consumption, pump selection to ensure that it can meet the highest water consumption, the head should also be controlled i

n the selection of pump characteristic curve in the high-efficiency zone;
4. In order to reduce energy consumption, several groups of pumps should be selected to supply water to different pressure areas when using the method of dividing pressure
5. If the elevation difference is more than 20m, the pump head is too large and the velocity of flow in the pipe is too large, it is easy to cause the failure of water hammer when the pump house is shut down, the equipment is destroyed, the water is shut down and the water runs out. In order to avoid the water hammer damage caused by leakage of the pipeline, the water pump in the water outlet pipe to set up a check valve and slow-closing valve.

Wastewater Pump
Sewage pumps can transport liquid containing hard solids, fibers, and particularly dirty, sticky and slippery liquid. A sewage pump is divided into submersible pump and an ordinary pump, submersible pump motor and pump as a whole, is directly into the sewage pool inside. General sewage pump is installed in the ground,  not dive into the water. Walkpump handles fluids and solids without blocking or failure.


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