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Oil & Gas

Walker Pump equipment solutions to meet your requirements in the oil & gas industry, submersible pumps help lift the liquid to the high operation site, eased the artificial burden. Drilling mud is thick, viscous. The Walker Slurry Pumps are designed especially for pumping oil and tar sand slurry, transporting drilling mud and drill cuttings, and other challenges of the oil & gas industry.

Oil & Gas is a harsh industry and demands pumps that are durable and can handle abrasive and heavy solids. Walker Scientific structure and super wear-resistant material can handle the most coarse and abrasive of materials with less downtime, No clogging, long service life, and other fewer maintenance costs.

Walker Pump technology strengthens the power of a centrifugal force into fluid dynamics, creating a synchronized vortex current. This allows the Walker Pump to handle a high concentration of abrasive slurries while minimizing clogs and other maintenance problems.


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