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Power Generation and Utilities

Walker Pump engineering solutions to meet your needs in the power generation and utility application. Whatever traditional coal industry, nuclear energy, natural gas, or other clean energy. The task of handling viscosity and high-temperature fluids (fuel sludge, abrasive slurry, wastewater, etc) always falls into the rugged, specialized pumps.

Walker Pumps are proud that our pumps can be found helping companies realize their slurry transferring requirement with safety and quality. There is no challenge for pumping polluting, corrosive materials. Proper pump selection can save labor cost and maintenance cost, improve efficiency.

Walker Pumps, a transportation expert, offer you reliable transportation equipment and system which can reduce unplanned downtime, increase throughput. Whatever you need, wherever you are, we’ re help to help.

power plant pumps

Power Plant Pumps

According to the function, the power plants use pumps are divided into steam turbine auxiliary pump (boiler feed pump, preset pump and condensate pump) and

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