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In general, in the mine exploitation, tailings often in the form of slurry discharge out, the treatment of tailings need mining pumps to transport. The slurry contains a large number of mineral particles, which often cause great wear and tear to the slurry pump in the process of transportation. The super wear-resistant characteristics of Walker mining pump have effectively prolonged the service life of the pump, as well as increased the transportation capacity of the pump. It plays a very important role in the whole tailings treatment.

Whether your mineral estate is strip mine, underground mine or material processing, we will offer pump solutions for you. Our tailings solution is integrity, economy, and environmental protection.

How to choice a tailings pump

1. Select the tailings delivery pump according to the different flow. First of all, from the flow point of view, submersible slurry pump single flow rate of up to 5000 cubic meters per hour, water isolation pump less than 1000 cubic meters per hour, plunger pump less than 300 cubic meters per hour. The flow rate is the key factor to select the pump type, but the important factors are the transport head and slurry concentration.

2. According to different lift selection. Looking at the lift of slurry pump, in general, gravel pumps in 100m below, water isolation pump in 640m below, mining pump in 500 meters below. Generally, low-lift stability in 60 meters below, choose slurry pump is better. Because the slurry pump structure is simple, easy to maintain.


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