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How to Select the Right Mining Slurry Pump?

Published on 2019/08/08

Mining slurry pump

Slurry pump is widely used in the mining industry, especially in the mineral processing plant. Mainly for material transportation, feeding, pressurization and discharge.

It can combine with other mineral processing equipment like magnetic separator, flotation machine, screen and classifier, etc, or directly transport the slurry to designated location through pipeline.

Most of the pulp delivered is concentrate and tailings. The ore in the primary selection stage has the greatest wear on the slurry pump, the abrasiveness of the concentrate and tailings is relatively reduced, and the overall service life of the pump is longer.

Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps for Water Supply Company in Philippines
Walker Tech engineer is regular checking the slurry pump operation in customer's plant

How to select a mining slurry pump?

1. Workin conditions

The first is to clarify the basic parameters of the working conditions, flow rate, head, specific gravity of the slurry, and PH particle status, etc.

  1. Initially determine the pump type, material, etc. through analysis of working conditions.
  2. Determine the specific model and size of the pump by flow rate and lift performance curve.
  3. Read lift performance curve, calculate powerTo calculate the pump power, you must know the parameters such as flow, head, efficiency, and slurry specific gravity.

    Efficiency (η) is determined by flow rate and head, as can be seen from the performance curve.

    If the customer is unable to provide the specific gravity of the slurry, then only the empirical value can be referred to, generally between (1-2).

  4. Calculate the shaft power, P=m*g*h/η, and its derived formula: P=ρ*Q*H/102η
  5. Determine the moter power, Take the Min. value of motor power that just greater than the shaft power as the best motor power.

2. Requirements of related equipment

Pay attention to the working parameter of related equipment
For example, in the flotation process, regarding the treatment of the foam, it is necessary to consider the foam coefficient and whether the foam needs to be removed.
In addition, in the screening process, it is need to pressurize the cyclone.

3. Special consideration

  1. Pulp concentration: The concentration affects the degree of abrasiveness of the slurry. The higher the concentration, the higher the abrasiveness and the higher the specific gravity of the slurry. Therefore, there are divided into heavy, neutral and light slurry pumps.
  2. Ph value is one of the factors affecting the determination of the overcurrent components of the pump (generally 5-12 ph value, using metal overcurrent parts, the rest of the range to consider rubber or other special materials, depending on the specific circumstances).
  3. Temperature is also one of the factors determining the material, especially some special conditions.

4. Slurry pump manufacturer

Finally and the most important point: be sure to find a strong manufacturer!

When customers purchase mining slurry pumps, they often ask us about the service life of our products. Strictly speaking, any manufacturer will not be unfounded and promise an accurate service life for the user, because the service life of the overcurrent components (wear and corrosion resistant parts) depends on many different factors, working conditions. Diversity and complexity lead to differences in the service life of materials of the same quality. However, the user can purchase a mining slurry pump in the early stage of selection, which allows a strong manufacturer to design a reasonable working condition.

How to select a slurry pump manufacturer?

How to judge the strength of the slurry pump manufacturer, buy a slurry pump with affordable price and high work efficiency?
Some tips

  1. Check the scale of the manufacturer, whether there are production plants, delivery sites, customer sites, after-sales services, etc., to ensure production strength;
  2. Strong companies pay more attention to brand promotion. Customers can conduct investigations from the field application of slurry pumps to check whether the company’s product information and project cases are clear and truthful.
  3. Through on-the-spot investigation, we can understand the internal management system of the manufacturer, the quality level of the staff and other aspects of information. The quality of the slurry pump product produced by a manufacturer with perfect system and responsible staff is definitely not bad!

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