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The challenges facing the food and beverage industry have never been greater.
The food centrifugal pump is used to transport food-containing liquid, foam, suspension of hard, soft particles medium machine. Pump cavity without dead angle, inside and outside surface polishing, it can be quickly disassembled and installed for cleaning.

The industry of food and beverage can be optimized by the use of pump technology. For example, in the food packaging process, the vacuum pump can be used to exclude air, then extend the storage time of food, and remove the odor.

Degassing of mineral water
Natural water mineral water contains carbonic acid, minerals and iron. If exposed to air, iron dissolved in water will oxidize, making the water taste worse. Iron is removed from the water at a pressure of about 50 bar, but the carbonation is first removed by a vacuum centrifugal pump, which is then introduced to produce soda water.

Sausage production
To make the sausage, the mixed meat is cut into small pieces and added with a condiment box additive. The removal of air during the cutting and mixing process prevents the mixed meat from being oxidized, which affects the flavor and appearance of the sausage. Vacuum equipment is used to vacuum the air at a pressure of about 100 Mbar.


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