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Walker Pumps for Shuiyindong Gold Mine

Published on 2019/07/24

Description of Shuiyindong Gold Mine

Project Name: Phase III Capacity Expansion Project of Zhenfeng Shuiyindong Gold Mine

Project Background: ZIJMF is located in Zhenfeng County, Guizhou Province, it is a large scale gold exploration and mining company.
The Zhenfeng Shuiyindong Gold Mine initially identified 250.7 tons of gold resources reserves, and prospective reserves are expected to exceed 300 tons.

walker pumps for gold mining

The Shuiyindong gold mine is underground mining and adopts the process of “grinding-medium temperature chemical pre-oxidation-carbon leaching-cyanide tailings flotation”. Construction began in December 2001 and currently has an annual capacity of 2-3 tons of gold. In 2016, the production of gold was 1.9 tons, and the total profit was -71.75 million yuan.

In June 2003, ZIJMF independently developed the “chemical pre-oxidation treatment at heating and normal pressure” wet gold extraction process, which was the first internationally applied to scale industrial production and successfully solved the “Carlin-type” refractory metallurgical mine processing problem, has filled the blank of China’s arsenic-containing carbon-containing fine-grained primary ore mining technology, obtained national technology patents, provided strong technical support for the development and utilization of Shuiyindong Gold Mine. The technology has the advantages of a high recovery rate and extremely favorable to environmental protection. The project won the first prize of China Gold Association Science and Technology.

In order to accelerate the development of low-grade gold resources, the company invested more than 400 million yuan to build a 450t/d high-temperature normal pressure pre-oxidation technology reform project.

Introduction of Walker supplied products

(1) What is the slurry pump?
The AH and HH type slurry pumps are single-stage single-suction cantilever horizontal centrifugal pumps, which are suitable for transporting liquids containing suspended solid particles in industrial sectors such as metallurgy, mining, coal, and electric power building materials. Such as concentrate, tailings, ash, cinder, cement, soil, mineral sand and other strong hardness, strong corrosion high concentration slurry. The temperature of the solid-liquid mixture to be conveyed does not exceed 80 ° C and the weight concentration can reach 60%.

(2) Product Features
Delivering a liquid containing suspended solid particles;
The temperature of the solid-liquid mixture is conveyed <80 ° C;
The maximum slurry concentration delivered is CV ≤ 60%; CW ≤ 60%.

Outlet diameter: 25 – 300mm
Traffic: 3.6 – 2455.2 m3 / h
Head: 5-98m
Power: 2.2 – 480kw

(3) Application

  • Power plant ash removal and transportation of ash and mortar.
  • Coal Mining Industry coal mining, washing and transportation of various coal pulp.
  • Metallurgy transportation of slurries, pulp, ash, slag, etc. in various smelting plants.
  • Mines transportation of ferrous and non-ferrous ore pulp, from hydrocyclone feed to regrind, flotation and tailings in various mineral processing plants.
  • Construction materials transportation of various mortars, sand, gravel, aggregate, concrete, solids, lime, etc.
  • Chemicals transportation of various highly abrasive corrosive materials (such as phosphate fertilizer).
  • Environmental protection transportation of flue gas desulfurization (FGD) abrasive corrosive slurry.
  • River dredging pumping, suction, dredging and discharging of sludge, muddy sands, and high-plastic clay in the lakes, river, etc.

(4) Structure diagram of Walker pumps
slurry pumps composition parts
slurry pumps dimensional structure diagram
Hydraulic model based on CFD flow field analysis technology design
slurry pumps impeller and volute design

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