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The Application Of Slurry Pump In A Coal Preparation Plant

Published on 2019/08/01

Slurry pump is widely used in slime water, circulating water, coal slurry and heavy medium suspension and other fluids transport operations. Slurry pump as important auxiliary equipment in the coal preparation plant process, its operation directly affects the normal work of the production system. There are two types of slurry pumps in common use in coal washery plant: horizontal single-stage centrifugal pump and vertical single-stage pump.

Walker slurry pump is usually used in the washing stage of coal and metal ore to transport with particles of slurry, such as coal slurry, slurry and so on. Coal preparation is an indispensable step in coal processing.

The coal is called raw coal which extracted from the mine directly. Many impurities are mixed into the raw coal in the mining process, and the quality of the coal is different. Coal preparation is a removal of impurities in raw coal, or separate the high-quality coal and low-quality coal.

Application Of Slurry Pump In A Coal Preparation Plant

The application of slurry pump in a coal preparation plant 

1. Slurry pump: the medium suspension in the bucket (in accordance with the prescribed density) is pumped into the shallow trough heavy medium separator tank body for the separation of raw coal into separate.
2. Gravel pump: the Dilute medium suspension in the dilute medium bucket is pumped to the magnetic separator for magnetic separation, and the concentrate (medium) after magnetic separation is recovered to the combined medium bucket.
3. Vortex pump: The slime water in the slime bucket is pumped into the slime thickener cyclone for separation.
4. Horizontal pump: The groundwater pump to the dilute medium bucket.
5. Water pump: The clear water after being clarified in the thickener is pumped to the water washing system, which is used to spray water for removing medium and screen and make up water for the system.
6. Underflow pump: Concentrate in the pool of high concentration of coal slurry water pumped to the water washing system of the coal slurry mixing bucket.
7. Vertical slurry pump: pump the high concentration coal slurry water into the filter press to realize the separation of coal slurry and water.
8. Filtrate pump: The filtrate treated by the filter press is recycled into the filtrate bucket and pumped to the concentration tank by the filtrate pump.

General medium-sized coal preparation plant will be equipped with dozens or even hundreds of slurry pump, in order to form a complete coal washing process.

How to select a slurry pump in a coal preparation plant?
The media of the pump conveyor used in coal washery are mostly slurry water or coal slurry with magnetite powder. Therefore, select a slurry pump in coal preparation plant need to know these:
(1) wear-resisting, durable, reliable characteristics;
(2) the shaft seal is reliable, no the water seepage question
(3) the chamber filter press has requirements on the slurry pump: When the chamber filter press starts to work, it must have low pump lift and large total flow; In the middle and late stages of the work, it must have high pump lift and small total flow, that is, the total flow and pump head of the curve the steeper the higher.