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6 Problems Of Slurry Pump

Published on 2019/08/05

6 slurry pump problem

Problem 1: pump doesn’t rotate.
Problem 2: insufficient pump flow.
Problem 3: leakage at the fill.
Problem 4: pump vibration and noise.
Problem 5: bearing heat.
Problem 6: short bearing life.

The corresponding reason and slurry pump maintenance
(1) The pump doesn’t rotate maybe the hard sediment inside the Vortex Shell is blocked. It should remove the silt.

(2) Insufficient pump flow may the impellers or inlet and outlet pipes are blocked. It needs to clean the impellers or pipes. Or the impeller wears seriously which should be taken to replace. Or the air leaks from the packing opening that need press the packing tightly. If the conveying height is too high and the loss resistance in the pipe is too large. It needs to reduce the conveying height or resistance.

(3) Leakage at the fill may the shaft is different from the feed box. The main reason is that the machining error is large and the installation is not correct. It should be taken to check whether the installation is correct after installation. If the seal water ring wears seriously, need to replace the new water ring. Such as sealing clear water pipe plug, sealing water can not enter the middle of the packing cause packing wear fast, leading to material leakage. The blocked water pipe should be dredged to keep the sealing water clean.

slurry pump problem

(4) There are five main reasons for pump vibration and noise problems.
① The density of the medium is not uniform. Medium-density is not uniform when the pump just starts vibration. When the pump normally opened, the pump vibration will disappear. This situation does not need to deal with, just pay attention to the medium with high-pressure air blowing before starting.
②Pump installation is not level. Pump body level should be checked during installation and operation.
③There is cavitation that makes the pump impeller imbalance. It should reduce the installation height, adjust the small outlet valve, and reduce import resistance.
④Uneven intake of air in the suction tube. Should improve the feed pump, enhance the uniformity of the stability of air intake.
⑤Large clearance of pump bearing. Excessive bearing clearance will lead to large vibration of the pump. In the daily operation of equipment should always pay attention to the pump. If the pump shaft and motor shaft found different or bearing damage to timely treatment.

(5) There are mainly the following 5 reasons for bearing heat.
①No open the cold water or cooling water tank blockage. It should open the cooling water function or dredge cooling water channel.
②The lubricated of equipment is not well. The amount of lubricating oil should be adjusted according to the instruction.
③The lubricating oil is not clean,and there are impurities in the oil. Clean the bearing, change the lubricating oil.
④Thrust bearings in the wrong direction. Adjust the thrust bearing direction according to the imported pressure.
⑤Bearing outlet plug which resulting in the bearing box of the hot gas can not be discharged. Then the temperature rises. The air outlet should be cleaned.

(6) There are mainly the following 4 reasons for short bearing life:
①Motor shaft and pump shaft are not symmetrical or parallel. It should adjust the motor shaft or pump shaft. If the shaft deformation or bending replace the shaft directly.
②The bearing assembly is not reasonable. Reinstall or replace bearings and shafts.
③There is friction in the pump or impeller is out of balance. Friction should be eliminated or new impellers replaced.
④Bad Lubrication. Excessive too little impurity will lead to a short life of the bearing. Bearing should be removed after cleaning the use.