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Cause and Solution of Flow Instability of Slurry Pump

Published on 2019/11/07

6 causes and solutions of  slurry pump flow instability

flow instability of slurry pump

1. Suction pipe or bottom valve leakage, the water intake plug, which is a common cause of insufficient flow. We need to check the suction pipe and the bottom valve leakage source and plug-in time. Or clean up silt or blockage at water inlet.

2. The low voltage leads to the low rotating speed of the slurry pump and the insufficient flow rate. At this point should check the power supply voltage and timely adjustment.

3. Gas Leak in the pipe or air in the pump. Timely discharge the air in the pipeline

4. The seal ring or impeller wear will also lead to slurry pump flow instability. It should be timely inspection and replacement of serious wear and tear seal ring and impeller.

5. The bottom valve into the water depth is insufficient which resulting in some air into the pump when pumping. The bottom valve depth should be adjusted according to the suction stroke of the slurry pump.

6. If the slurry pump start-up for a period of time to work normally, but after the current gradually decreased, the flow is obviously insufficient. This problem persists after a period of normal operation after a reboot. Most of them are due to slag slurry or another sundry is in the suction pipe accumulation which resulting in slurry pump cavitation. When severity, the slurry pump will be issued within the noise and pump head vibration obvious. At this time, it should be thoroughly clean the front pool and suction pipe, reduce the elbow-length below. Or add agitating devices to reduce slurry settlement.