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Choose Right Water Pump From Five Side

Published on 2019/08/29


How to select the right water pump? Consider five sides, liquid conveying capacity, installation head, liquid property, piping arrangement, operating conditions. You may choose the right water pump.

1. Flow is one of the important performance data of water pump selection. It is directly related to the production capacity and delivery capacity of the whole device. When selecting the pump, which based on the maximum flow, both the normal flow. In the absence of the maximum flow, usually can take 1.1 times the normal flow as the maximum flow.

2. The head needed by the installation system is another important performance data of pump selection. Usually selected by enlarging the head by 5%-10 %.

3. Liquid properties, including the name of the liquid medium, physical properties, chemical property and other properties. Physical properties such as temperature, Density, viscosity, the diameter of solid particles in the medium and gas content, etc. This involves the head of the system effective cavitation allowance calculation and suitable pump types. The chemical property mainly refers to the liquid medium chemical corrosion and toxicity, which is the selection of pump materials and the choice of the type of shaft seal an important basis.

4. The piping layout condition of the installation system refers to some data. Such as the height of liquid feeding, the distance of liquid feeding from the direction of liquid feeding, the lowest liquid level on the suction side. And the highest liquid level on the discharge side, as well as the pipe specifications and their length, materials, pipe fittings specifications, quantities, etc. In order to calculate the system carding head and check the cavitation allowance.

5. There are many operation conditions. Such as liquid operation t saturated steam pressure, suction side pressure PS (absolute), discharge side container pressure PZ, altitude, ambient temperature operation is a clearance or continuous, the water pump position is fixed or movable.


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