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Difference Between Vertical And Horizontal Pump

Published on 2019/08/08

The difference between the vertical and horizontal pump

vertical pump and horizontal pumps

1. Appearance

The Vertical Pump is upright while the horizontal pump is recumbent.

2. Connection form

Vertical pumps superimpose connect from bottom to top. The horizontal pumps arrange longitudinally on the base. The vertical water pumps are generally called pipeline pumps, such as vertical centrifugal pumps. The motor and the pump body are connected at the sub-mouth. Horizontal pumps are connected by coupling and a motor. It needs to correct on a regular basis.

3. Space

Vertical pump occupies a small area, and horizontal pump occupies a large area. The vertical pump group occupies a smaller area than horizontal pump. And it is unnecessary to lay a foundation, but the horizontal pump is necessary because has a base.

4. Maintenance

It is difficult to maintenance a vertical centrifugal pump. For example, maintenance of the impeller needs to remove all the upper to outside. The horizontal pump is relatively easy. As the IS pump as long as the imported pipe can be removed for impeller maintenance.

5. Installation

The vertical pump is integrally connected and easy to install. While the horizontal pump requires precision adjustment after installation.

Economically, horizontal pumps have more advantages than vertical pumps.


Advantages and disadvantages of vertical pump

Walker vertical pump is a new type of liquid transport machinery. it has the advantages of simple structure, safe and reliable work, easy maintenance, pressure stability, etc. The fly in the ointment is relatively sensitive to changes in liquid viscosity. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Vertical Centrifugal pump? The following will detail it.


1. The flow rate is continuous and even, the work is stable and easy to adjust.
2. The pump wear parts are less and easy to manage and maintain.
3, High speed can be directly connected with motor or steam turbine. Simple and compact structure. The size and weight is smaller than the same flow reciprocation pump. Its low in cost.


1. The performance of the pump to the liquid viscosity change is more sensitive. Each turn of the screw, the cavity of the liquid to advance a pitch. With the continuous rotation of the screw, the liquid spiral way from a sealed cavity pressure to another sealed cavity. Finally, squeeze out the pump body.

2. Vertical pump is a single screw transport pump. Its main working parts are an eccentric screw and screw bush which the inner surface of the double-line spiral surface.

3. The power not too large.
It is very suitable for industrial and urban drainage. It also has great advantages in the process of pressurized water supply in high-rise buildings. We all know how important today’s industrial and urban drainage for human work and life. Vertical centrifugal pumps are playing an important role in these areas.


Advantages and disadvantages of horizontal pump

Horizontal pump is designed according to the principle of centrifugal force. High-speed rotating impeller blades drive water rotation. And throw out the water which achieves the purpose of transmission. There are many types of pumps. Divide into civil and industrial pumps from the use. Classify water pumps, impurity pumps, corrosion-resistant pumps from the transport medium.


1. Smooth operation. The absolute concentricity of the pump shaft and impeller excellent static and dynamic balance to ensure smooth operation, no vibration.
2. Watertight. Different Materials of cemented carbide seal that make sure the transmission of different media have no leakage.
3. Low noise. Two low noise bearing support the pump. Smooth operation, in addition to the motor faint sound, basic no noise.
4. Low failure rate. The structure is simple and reasonable. The key part adopts the international T first-class quality matching. The whole machine has no failure working time greatly increased.
5. Easy maintenance. Easy to replace the seal and bearing.
6, Less space: Exports to the left, right, up to three directions. Then the installation of pipeline layout, saving space.


Main disadvantages: Because the spindle position of the horizontal centrifugal pump is horizontal. When installed, it takes up more space than the vertical centrifugal pump. Because of the limitation of suction height, the installation position of the water pump is very low that easy to be damp and flooded. It will affect safe operation.