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Dredge Pump Characteristics And How To Maintain

Published on 2022/11/21

What Is Dredge Pump

This dredging equipment is often used in large-scale dredging and construction. Mainly used in domestic disrepair rivers, lakes, dredging, blowing projects, single-stage single-suction horizontal centrifugal pump series pumps, the dredging system is mainly composed of pump heads, reduction gearboxes, high elastic joints, and ship transmission monitoring systems. It has good ship performance, good dredging performance, high efficiency and reliable shaft seal. The dredge pump has comprehensive economic benefits and can fully meet the requirements of dredgers for mud pumps.

Features of Dredge Pump

WN700 CSD Dredge Pump china walker

The dredge pump is characterized by a fixedly mounted bracket body with a bearing assembly supporting the pump shaft. A pump casing is fixed at the front end of the bracket main body, a pump cover is installed at the front end of the pump casing, and a cylinder head is installed inside the pump casing, which is a large dredging pump. An impeller is arranged inside the cylinder head, and the impeller is installed at the front end of the pump shaft. The radial clearance between the cylinder head and the pump casing is smaller than the wall thickness of the pump casing or the cylinder head.

Through the stress analysis, the clearance of the water chamber reduces the volume of the pump casing, and at the same time reduces the weight of the pump and reduces the pressure area of the pump cover. The force is reduced, the sealing between the pump cover and the pump casing is easier, and the sealing effect is good.

Daily maintenance of dredge pump

Generally speaking, it includes motor maintenancecontrol cabinet maintenancerelated valve and pipeline maintenance, and motor maintenance. Three aspects: The mud pump motor should be regularly checked and repaired for internal conductor connectors, motor resistance and other components.

  1. At the same time, the connectors of the internal three-phase wires should be fixed and installed, and the control cabinetshould be maintained: it is mainly reflected in the daily maintenance of the console. When checking, the main power supply should be disconnected and each switch should be checked.
  2. The start-stop buttonshould be flexible and reliable. After maintenance, turn on the main power supply and observe whether the water pump runs smoothly, whether the pressure gauge shows normal, and whether other indicator boards on the console are close to normal levels.
  3. Maintenance of relevant accessories: mainly check whether the appearance of each valve, check valve, pipeline and nearby parts is clean and beautiful, and ensure the stability and safety of nearby products.


For daily maintenance of dredging pumps, proper methods must be mastered. Regularly maintain dredging pumps and maintenance equipment. Carry out daily maintenance on the pipeline, pay attention to maintenance, avoid excessive force, and damage the facilities near the dredging pump. At the same time, some valve joints also need to pay attention to maintenance to ensure that there is no maintenance problem afterwards. Frequent use of dredging pumps will inevitably lead to damage to various parts of the equipment and pipe walls. Therefore, the daily maintenance and maintenance of the dredging pump must ensure the sustainability of this facility.

dredge pump

Walker Dredge Pump

The dredge pump is a single-stage single-suction horizontal centrifugal pump. The dredging pump system is mainly composed of a pump head, a reduction gear box, a highly elastic coupling, and a marine transmission monitoring system. Existing dredging pumps cannot achieve the purpose of moving by themselves, and dredging pumps need to frequently change the working place when working, but when changing the working place. Since the user cannot move the dredge pump by himself, there are certain restrictions.
(1). The dredging pump can move the main body of the dredging pump more easily through the moving mechanism. Usually, the user does not need to use a crane to move the position of the dredge pump body. When the user needs to move the dredge pump body, the dredge pump body can be moved to an appropriate position more easily.
(2). The dredging pump passes through the shaft housing, and when the main body of the dredging pump is working, the linkage shaft can be rotated through the toothed belts on both sides of the motor. When the interlocking shaft rotates, the possibility of sliding teeth is reduced, and the dredging during the dredging operation of the dredging pump main body is performed satisfactorily.
(3). Through the suction pipe, the twisted sediment material is transported to the sediment material storage yard through a strong pump force, and the dredging pump dredging, mud transportation, and unloading can be completed continuously at one time. It is a high-efficiency and low-cost dredger. Good articulated dredgers are used for construction in inland rivers, lake areas, and coastal ports. They are one of the main types of existing dredgers.

Walker pump has a relatively long service life and requires little maintenance, which can effectively save production costs. Contact us to get the factory price!