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How to Solve Pump Valve Close Incompletely?

Published on 2019/08/05
Valve in the use of the process will often appear some disturbing problems, such as the valve is not closed, untightly or incompletely, what should we do?
pump valve close incompletely

Main reasons and HOW TO SOLVE

(1) Impurities like debris stuck at sealing surface.
Sometimes the valve is suddenly closed, and there may be impurities stuck between the sealing surfaces of the valve. Here, do not try to close it forcibly.
Open the valve a little wider, then to close it, try a few attempts.

(2) The stem thread is rusted and the valve cannot be rotated.
If the stem thread is rusted, it will not be tight. In this case, repeatedly open-close valve several times, at the same time with a small hammer hit the bottom of the valve body, that is, the valve can be closed tightly, no need to repair the valve grinding.

(3) The sealing surface of the valve is damaged, causing leakage of the medium.
If you done many times but still not tight, it is that the sealing surface is damaged, or the corrosion, the particles in the medium scratched the sealing surface. Contact seller and request a repair.

(4) The valve stem and the valve disc are not well connected, so that the valve disc and the valve seat are not in close contact with each other.
Lubricate the stem and stem nut to ensure flexible valve switching. It is necessary to have a formal maintenance plan to strengthen the maintenance of the valve.

At normal cases, if the value is not tight, first confirm whether the valve is closed or not. If there is still leakage after it has been closed, check the sealing surface. Some valve seals are detachable, take them out for grinding and test again. Not work? You should better return it to the factory to repair or replace the valve, so as not to affect the normal operation and avoid working accidents.
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