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The Difference Between Single Stage Pump And Multistage Pump

Published on 2019/09/02

Single Stage VS Multistage Pump

What Single Stage Pump

Single-stage pump is a centrifugal water pump. The pumps only one impeller, and the highest lift is 125 meters. It with a simple structure, stable performance, high speed, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, large flow, easy to operate and repair and so on. Single-stage centrifugal pumps are be classified as horizontal single-stage pumps, vertical single-stage pumps, single-stage single-suction centrifugal pumps, single-stage double-suction pumps.

What Multistage Pump
Multistage pump also is a kind of centrifugal pump which consists of the pull rod. The output water pressure of the pump can be very large. These pump types depend on the rotation of the impeller to obtain the centrifugal force. When the gas density reaches the working range of the mechanical vacuum pump, and it is drawn out. Then gradually obtaining a high vacuum. Multistage pump is by the pump chamber volume changes to achieve suction, compression and exhaust. Therefore, it is a centrifugal pump which can change the cubage.

Single Stage pump VS Multistage Pump

Single Stage VS Multistage Pump

The maximum lift is different
The single stage single suction centrifugal pump has a maximum head of only 125 meters. The multistage water pump can achieve more than 125 meters head. That is to say, below 125 meters, single-stage pump can meet the requirements, but pumping height above 125 meters, we only choose a multistage centrifugal pump.

Different stages of the pump
Obviously single-stage pumps only one stage. And the multi-stage pump, then increased several in the single-stage pump foundation.

Different number of impellers
Single stage pump has only one impeller. The multistage pump has two or more impeller. From this, we can also see that if we need to pump the liquid medium head above 125 meters, then both can meet the requirements. But if the head in 125 meters above, you can only choose a horizontal multistage pump.

Which Better

Which type of water pump is better, single-stage pump or multistage pump. It mainly based on the on-site operating data and actual needs to decide. the use of multistage pumps are due to economic considerations. Single-stage and multi-stage pump is the difference between the compression stage. One compression stage not only refers to the impeller but also stator holding ring, inter-stage seal and so on.

According to the head height, choose double suction pump or multistage pump. The efficiency of the multistage water pump is low than single-stage pump. If the single-stage pump and multi-stage pump can also be used, the first choice is a single stage pump. If single stage double suction pumps can meet the needs, try to use single-stage pump, The structure of multistage pump is complex, many spare parts, and high installation requirements, maintenance also is very difficult.

The multistage centrifugal pump is the sum of the single-stage pump, head and export pressure can be done very high.