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How to Select the Right Slurry Pump?

Published on 2019/08/02

slurry pump selection

It should go without saying that selecting a matched pump is very important, and pumping mud, slurry, so on viscous liquid isn’t quite as easy as pumping water.

Depending on the type of mud, there are many variables that affect selecting the right mud pump for your application. What is the best slurry pump? There is no unchanging answer, no ready answer, we need to combine the experience, knowledge, different application and the like information to choose the ideal pump.

Many customers who are new to the slurry pump machine do not know what information is needed for slurry pump manufacturers to do the best work of slurry pump selection. Let’s talk about the required Infos, and how to narrow down the choices range.

Frequently received questions (but we can not answer them)
1. I need a 30kw pump, what’s the best?
2. I wanna buy a submersible pump with a lift of 30m, ……
3. I wanna buy a slurry pump, 100m3/h, …….
I wanna …..

how to select the slurry pump

Why we unable to answer those questions?

1. The slurry pump is different from other types of pumps. The same motor power can be matched with various types of pump types, thus having different lift flow;

2. There are many kinds of pumps with a lift height of 30m, and the flow difference is huge;

3. There are also many kinds of slurry pumps with a flow rate of 100m3/h, and the difference in lift may be large.

slurry pump selecting

What parameters are needed for slurry pump selection?

1. Required parameters: lift, flow, industry, this is the parameter that must be known for selection, and is the basic condition for the calculation of slurry pump selection;

2. In addition to the above parameters, if there are: slurry concentration, pipeline, PH value, even altitude, natural temperature, slurry temperature, etc., it is possible to accurately select a better slurry pump.