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Slurry Pump Wear

Published on 2019/11/06

Slurry pump is a kind of centrifugal pump. In fact, the working process of the slurry pump is a process of energy transfer. In this process, the slurry pump is easily damaged. So if we want to maintain the basic slurry pump that should to solve the slurry pump wear problems. Then extend its service life.

slurry pump wear parts

Cause of slurry pump wear

1. Slurry pump working speed, flow and materials of the pump, and transport media, the all will cause pump wear. If the medium is high acid and alkali or high concentration of the mixture is easy to increase the pump wear.

2. Hydraulic design and structural parameters of pump parts. Such as the outlet and inlet diameters of the pump impeller, etc. Therefore, adopting a reasonable structure is an effective way to slow down the wear of the slurry pump.

3. Liner. Thickening of the bushing and impeller set the back blade and vice-impeller can also reduce wear. According to the specific type of paste characteristics, you can choose a double shell or single shell structure. The double-shell structure is suitable for the slurry with high density or coarse particle size, and the structure should be easy to disassemble and assemble. Single-shell structure of the choice of slurry pump smaller volume, lighter weight, more conducive to the field disassembly and maintenance can also be appropriately selected according to the situation.

4. The operating conditions also have a greater impact on the wear of the pump. When the actual flow rate is less than the design flow rate, the blade wear is relatively small. The selection of the pump should be the actual operating conditions in the design operating point below. Then reduce the pump wear.