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What’s the Difference Between Slurry Pump and Mud Pump?

Published on 2020/09/08

What’s the Difference Between Slurry Pump and Mud Pump? From the practical application and the characteristics of the conveying medium, the two pumps do have many similarities.

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1. Slurry pumps are mainly used in the mining industry to transport slurry containing solid particles. Since the flow parts of the slurry pump are more susceptible to the impact, wear and corrosion of the slurry during the working process, the slurry pump is usually lined with wear-resistant materials such as high chromium alloys and rubber. Most of the slurry pumps currently used in the market are wear-resistant slurry pumps.

2. Mud pump is the earliest pump type, generally made of cast iron, with low wear resistance. As an important part of drilling machinery, it can only be used to transport mud or slurry containing suspended particles.

Working principle

1. Slurry pump: The motor drives the impeller to rotate, and the slurry flows to the edge of the impeller due to inertia and is discharged from the discharge pipe at a high speed.

2. Mud pump: The motor drives the piston to move through the connecting rod mechanism, which causes the volume change of the closed chamber in the mud pump, forming the change of the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the pump, thereby completing the water absorption and drainage process.

Auxiliary equipment

1. The mud pump needs to be equipped with certain auxiliary equipment. Mud pumps often need to be used in conjunction with high-pressure clean water pumps. The high-pressure pump delivers the clean water greater than the pressure of the mud pump to the leak-proof packing to protect the packing and reduce the abrasion of the sealing part.

2. The wear-resistant slurry pump can complete the transportation alone without other auxiliary equipment.

In summary

The difference between slurry pump and mud pump
1. Slurry pumps have stronger wear-resisting properties, and the ability to transport particles is stronger than that of slurry pumps;
2. The processing capacity of the slurry pump is larger than that of the slurry pump, which is mainly used in coal, metal mines and other fields;
3. The mud pump is suitable for the slurry with low abrasiveness;
4. The material of the flow parts of the mud pump is generally cast steel, and the material of the flow parts of the slurry pump is generally high chromium wear-resistant alloy.