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Froth Pump For Flotation Industry And Mining

Published on 2023/03/10

Froth slurry pump can effectively eliminate the foam in the slurry, even if the slurry is insufficient, it can run normally, so it is an ideal equipment in the flotation process. It is also widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal washing plants, power plants and other fields, and is deeply loved by people. The conveying capacity far exceeds other forms of products, and does not require any shaft seal and shaft seal water. Through the special structural design, it can well adapt to the foam that appears in the mineral processing industry such as flotation, so it is called a froth slurry pump, which is actually a kind of centrifugal slurry pump.

Froth Slurry Pump

The froth slurry pump suitable for transporting abrasive slurry containing foam, this series of pumps can effectively eliminate foam in the slurry during operation. It can still work normally in the case of insufficient incoming material, especially suitable for various flotation processes, and is an ideal product for transporting foam slurry.

Product features

1. This type of pump is used in SP type bearing assembly, and the bearing body is equipped with a motor base or a motor frame. Direct drive or indirect drive can be used, and the pulley can be easily replaced to change the speed of the pump to meet the changing working conditions.

Froth Slurry Pump

2. The material box is made of steel structure or stainless steel, steel lined with rubber, etc., and is equipped with a tangential feeding port and an overflow box. The overflow box can conveniently send the excess incoming material back to the material pool, and the tangential inlet can make the material enter the pump quickly and eliminate part of the foam.

3. The pump head structure is a double pump casing structure. Depending on the conveying medium, the over-current parts can be made of metal, rubber, or other non-metallic materials. Transmission type: DC direct drive, BD vertical belt drive and other types.

Adjustment of the impeller

In order to ensure the efficient operation of the pump, it is necessary to adjust the impeller of the froth pump in time.

  1. When adjusting the froth pump impeller first, the froth pump equipment needs to be stopped. Then loosen the fastened bearing body and pump parts, and add an adjusted shim between the bearing body of the froth pump and the expected link. Finally, move the bearing assembly upwards, and at the same time, rotate the pump shaft by hand in the direction of the froth pump until there is slight friction between the impeller and the guard plate of the froth pump.
Froth Pump Impeller

2. When the lining of the frothpump is metal lining, adjust the interval between the impeller and the guard plate between 0.5-1mm. For frothpumps with rubber linings, move the froth pump bearing assembly down so that the impeller is in contact with the sheath. Measure the total movement of the bearing assembly, and take half of this amount as the distance between the impeller and the sheath.

3. Add adjusting shims between the bearing body and the expected joint, which ensures the correct spacing value of the impeller and the sheath. After adjustment, when starting, it is necessary to check again whether the impeller rotation is normal. Check whether the fasteners are tightened, and then start the froth pump.

Transport medium

The volumetric type relies on the periodic change of the working volume to realize the pressurization and delivery of the fluid. Among them, the piston type relies on the reciprocating movement of the piston in the cylinder to realize the periodic change of the working volume. Examples include reciprocating pumps and piston compressors. The diaphragm type belongs to the hydraulic drive, which uses the diaphragm to replace the role of the piston. The rotary type is to realize the periodic change of the working volume by means of the rotary motion of the rotor in the cylinder. Examples include vane pumps and compressors, screw pumps and compressors, and gear pumps.

     The vane type relies on the rotating working impeller to transfer mechanical energy to the fluid medium and convert it into a fluid energy head. According to the flow direction of the medium in the impeller, it is mainly divided into centrifugal type and axial flow type. Such as centrifugal pumps, centrifugal compressors, axial flow pumps and axial flow compressors, etc. all belong to this category.

     The jet type can also be considered as a speed type, but it has no impeller and relies on the energy of one medium to transport another fluid medium, such as a jet pump.

Maintenance Of Froth Slurry Pump

When using the AF froth pump, the bearing assembly of the AF froth pump series is the same as that of the SP and SPR series. The bearing box is installed with the motor frame base and the supporting plate, that is, the pump and the motor are connected directly through the coupling or through the pulley and the belt. Pulleys can be easily replaced to adjust pump speed to meet changing operating conditions.

The pump head structure of the AF froth pump is a double pump casing structure, and the flow-passing parts can be made of high chromium alloy or natural rubber. When choosing the material of the wetted parts, the senior engineer of our factory can choose the appropriate material for you.

The AF froth pump material tank is equipped with a tangential feed port and an overflow tank. The overflow tank of the froth pump can return the slurry that has not been treated to the tank, and quickly enter the froth pump to eliminate part of the foam.

Reduce wear

  1.  Adopt reasonable parameters to design the structure. The selection of the impeller inlet diameter D greatly influences the wear capacity and efficiency.
  2.  For the parts that are easy to wear in the AF froth pump, in addition to improving the theoretical design, the structure should also be improved. The parts at this place should be made as replaceable parts as possible, and the convenience of replacement should be better considered in the structural design.

Choice of Froth Pump

When transporting highly abrasive slurries, attention must be paid to the correct matching of the pump to its hydraulic system and the selection of materials to obtain the longest life of the pump wetted parts. If the model is not selected properly, under given working conditions, when the flow rate deviates from the best efficiency point, it will cause eddy currents in the pump, which will cause wear and shorten the service life. This is most pronounced at deviations from 50% of the best efficiency point flow. Therefore, when selecting the type, according to the requirements of the system, the slurry flow point should not be selected too large.

  • Pay attention to the influence of solid phase properties in the slurry;
  • Appropriately select the correction factor;
  • Accurately calculate system resistance and understand the effect of slurry rheology on pump performance.

Only in this way can reasonable selection be achieved, backflow can be reduced, the pump can run efficiently, energy consumption can be reduced, and wear and tear can be reduced.

   The selection of wear-resistant materials has an extremely important impact on the service life of the pump. At present, the series of wear-resistant materials are relatively extensive, and they are developing towards special types. Therefore, when selecting materials, the most suitable material for the working conditions should be selected according to the characteristics of the slurry to be transported, combined with the accumulated operating experience in the past, so as to improve the service life of the pump.

In short, the reasonable selection, material selection and use of the slurry pump. It is a vital prerequisite for giving full play to the function of the pump itself, economical operation, reducing energy consumption and improving life.

Froth Slurry Pump

Walker Pump operates the slurry pump according to the slurry pump instruction manual, and does the usual maintenance of the slurry pump. The high-efficiency wear-resistant froth slurry pump provides customers with longer running time at the same unit cost, thereby reducing customer operating costs. Our pump has a relatively long service life and requires little maintenance, which can effectively save production costs. Contact us get the price!