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Slurry Pump vs Mud Pump

Published on 2019/10/11

Four Aspects To Distinguish The Slurry Pump And Mud Pump

The concept of the slurry pump and mud pump is very close, many people are not quite clear. Although slurry pumps and mud pumps are impurities pump, if you fully understand the two pumps, you can differentiate them very clearly from the application and transmission medium characteristics. What is the difference between the slurry pump and mud pump? Four aspects to distinguish the slurry and mud pumps.


Slurry pumps are mainly used in industrials of mining, metallurgy, dredge, power, coal and other solid slurry transport. Mud pumps are mainly used for drilling, pharmaceutical, brewing, paper, and other industries, which used to transport suspension.

Conveying medium

The slurry pump is mainly used in the mining industry, its wear resistance is strong. So It conveys slurry that containing slag, but it can conveys mud. The mud pump is usually made of cast iron, the wear resistance of the pump is low. So the mud pumps often used for conveying mud or slurry containing suspended particles. When the slurry pump working, pump parts are easy to be impacted, wear, and corrosion, etc. Therefore, the liner of the slurry pump uses wear-resistant material, such as high chromium alloy, rubber. The wear-resistant materials can effectively reduce the wear parts of the pump. So most of the slurry pump is a wear-resistant slurry pump in the current market.

Working principle of the pump

The mud pump is the motor driving the piston move through the link mechanism. Then causes the change of the volume of the sealed chamber of the mud pump. and the pressure difference between inside and outside of the pump change. Finally, the process of absorbing water and draining water is complete. When slurry pump working, which is the motor drives the impeller rotation. That is the impeller on the slurry work which increases the kinetic energy of the slurry. At the same time, the slurry flows to the edge of the impeller due to inertia and is discharged from the discharge pipe at a high speed.

Auxiliary equipment

The Mud pumps need to be equipped with auxiliary equipment, but slurry pumps not. They often need to use with high-pressure water pump when mud pump working. The high-pressure pump sent the water that larger than the mud pump pressure to the leakproof packing. Then protect the packing. Otherwise, it is easy to make the seal part wear. But the wear-resistant slurry pumps can complete the transportation work independently, which not need to equip other auxiliary equipment.

In a word, the wear-resistant properties of the slurry pumps are stronger, and the ability to convey particles is also stronger. Generally, the capacity of the slurry pump is larger than the mud pump, which is mainly used for coal and metal ore washing. The mud pumps are more suitable for abrasive slurry is not very strong.

The same point of slurry pump and mud pump

walker slurry pump VS mud pump

1. The two types of pumps are all centrifugal pumps in the working principle. They are machines that increase the energy of solid and liquid mixtures by means of centrifugal force (the rotation of the impeller of the pump). A device that converts electrical energy into kinetic and potential energy of a medium.
2. All have vertical pumps and horizontal pumps and can convey slurry.
3. Both pumps and motors are designed separately.