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Measures For High Efficiency And Wear Resistance Of Slurry Pumps

Published on 2023/02/08

Slurry pump is an indispensable conveying equipment in the beneficiation plant, mainly used in hydraulic conveying of solid materials such as primary grinding, secondary grinding and tailings. When the wear-resistant slurry pump is working, the motor drives the impeller to rotate, that is, the impeller does work on the slurry to increase the kinetic energy of the slurry. At the same time, the slurry flows to the edge of the impeller due to inertia, and is discharged from the discharge pipe at a high speed. Many mines have found that due to the erosion wear, cavitation wear, chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion of the slurry pump during operation, the flow parts of the slurry pump are very easy to wear.

Wear Types of Slurry Pumps

Mainly cavitation wear and abrasive wear.
1. Cavitation wear: The coal, gangue, sediment and other media transported by the slurry pump contain a large number of cavitation cavities. Cavitation destruction is not instantaneous but consists of several decay processes. In this process, the slurry hits the center of the bubble at high speed, and most of the kinetic energy diffuses around the bubble, resulting in cavitation wear. Cavitation wear is closely related to improper use and selection of equipment.

2. Abrasive wear: Abrasive wear is one of the main reasons for the wear of the overflow parts of the slurry pump. Especially in the process of transportation, the contact force when transporting coal, mud and sand is the surface friction of the impeller channel. The data show that the surface material of the water course will suffer fatigue damage when it is frequently worn. At the same time, under the medium pressure of the conveying slurry medium, some coal, sludge and sand are pressed into the surface of the impeller, resulting in new extrusion of the inner surface of the water channel, resulting in wear and tear of the steam turbine. According to the wear characteristics of the slurry pump, the flow path of the slurry pump on the water pressure chamber and the impeller is severely worn. During the sludge transportation, the pump body, pump casing, pump cover, shaft seal and seals are also worn to a certain extent.

Anti-wear measures for slurry pumps

1. Anti-wear methods in design
In general, closed impellers have better wear resistance than open impellers. When the gap between the impeller and the guard plate increases due to wear, the hydraulic performance of the closed impeller pump is less affected.
Blade design is the key to impeller design. The blade design of the slurry pump is different from that of the clean water pump, and the influence of the flow difference of the solid-liquid two phases on the performance and wear of the pump must be fully considered. Poorly designed blades not only have poor hydraulic performance, but can easily lead to local wear. Generally, the slurry pump with relatively low rotational speed can adopt curved blades at the inlet and cylindrical blades at the outlet, which is beneficial to the manufacture of the impeller. The angle of placement of the inlet and outlet of the blade and the wrap angle of the blade should also be properly selected. In short, the hydraulic design should take into account the hydraulic performance and anti-wear performance of the water pump, improve the efficiency and overall performance of the slurry pump, and reduce the wear to a minimum.

2. Anti-wear measures during operation
The service life of the slurry pump and the performance during the operation period have a great relationship with its operation and maintenance. If used properly, not only the service life of the pump will be long, but also the hydraulic performance will be better. On the contrary, the wear resistance and performance of the pump may be greatly reduced. Therefore, in the use of the slurry pump, according to the law of abrasive wear, try to select the appropriate operating parameters when selecting the slurry pump, so that the pump is in a good operating state. And pay attention to real-time adjustment in actual operation to achieve the operation effect of high efficiency, energy saving, wear resistance and material saving.

3. Application of anti-wear materials
The material of the wetted parts is of great significance to enhance the anti-wear ability of the solid-liquid pump. Better materials can prolong the service life of the solid-liquid pump, and can also improve the stability and reliability of the pump’s performance within the effective operating life. Commonly used non-metallic parts for wear-resistant materials include ceramics, engineering plastics, silicon carbide, rubber, etc. Wear-resistant metal parts include austenitic high manganese steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, wear-resistant alloy white cast iron, etc.

Advantages of Walker Pump wear resistance

1. Scientific and reasonable design
Scientific design not only considers the cost of slurry pump, but also plays an increasingly important role in the mineral processing plant. The value of the slurry pump should be considered more, and the professional design team will create greater value for you.

2. High-quality slurry pump accessories
The core parts of the slurry pump are the flow-passing parts, and the flow-passing parts of the slurry pump are the parts that are in direct contact with the slurry. Mainly include: sheath, guard plate, impeller, the quality of which directly affects the life of the slurry pump. For the production of high-quality slurry pump accessories, we need to pass a strict accessory production process.

3. Rigorous slurry pump assembly process
Before the slurry pump is assembled, it must be determined whether each slurry pump part is qualified, and if all accessories are qualified. Assemble according to the requirements of the assembly process, and adjust the gap between the components to meet the requirements of the assembly process.

4. The selection of slurry pump must be reasonable
To achieve efficient operation, the selection of the slurry pump must be reasonable, otherwise it will either fail to meet the parameter requirements or waste performance;
Reasonable selection should not only consider whether the parameter requirements are met, but also consider whether the slurry pump is in the high-efficiency working range when it is running;

Slurry Pump

Slurry pumps are a heavy-duty, rugged version of centrifugal pumps, capable of handling abrasive and tough jobs. Compared with other pumps, the design and construction of slurry pumps are much simpler. Although the slurry pump is simple in design, it has high durability and strength in harsh environments. Slurry pumps play a vital role in a variety of industries. Walker Pump operates the slurry pump according to the slurry pump instruction manual, and does the usual maintenance of the slurry pump. The high-efficiency wear-resistant slurry pump provides customers with longer running time at the same unit cost, thereby reducing customer operating costs. Our pump has a relatively long service life and requires little maintenance, which can effectively save production costs. Contact us get the price!