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How To Clean The Long Shaft Submersible Pump

Published on 2019/08/06

No matter what kind of pump product is used for a long time, there will be some problems. This is the same for the long shaft submersible pump. Sometimes, in order to ensure the normal operation of the submersible pump. When meeting some problems that need to carry out a series of cleaning work. In general, there are two ways to cleaning: external washing and self-Cleaning.

External Washing
It uses the way of external washing when the transport medium containing the smaller particles. First, a pipe needs to be connected from the outside. And the various shaft linings are rinsed by a clean flushing liquid. And the shaft liner should be lubricated to take away the heat generated by the friction pair that reduce the temperature.

When the long shaft submersible pump transport materials are the clean medium, then mostly uses is the self-cleaning way. First, it needs to draw a pipeline from the pump outlet flange. The flushing liquid flow direction each axle Bush, and lubricate. It also takes the heat away from the friction by-products to cool them down.

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What Submersible Pump

A submersible pump is a vertical pump for positive pressure transportation. It can effectively solve the problems of air resistance and cavitation erosion. It is made depending on the length of the container to be inserted. The long shaft submersible pump parts which contact with materials are according to the requirements of material selection, metal and non-metal materials. The pump can be simply divided into a traditional submersible pump and new type submersible pump.

The traditional submersible pump is suitable for conveying any concentration of strong acid, Alkali, salt, strong oxidant and other corrosive materials. The new type of submersible pump is suitable for conveying inflammable and explosive materials. It is not suitable for conveying materials with very strong corrosive particles. Widely used in petroleum refining, oil depots, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, factory production lines, electric generator and other inflammable and explosive materials transportation places

Traditional submersible pump

The traditional long shaft submerged pump only has the motor on the manhole cover to meet the 1 zone explosion-proof standard. The pump body doesn’t have the explosion-proof measure, and no the non-electric explosion-proof standard GB25286. The traditional submerged pump shaft is usually not more than four meters long. And it is connected by a multi-section long pump shaft through a coupling and a number of bearings as a whole Do not work in Zone 0 of explosive gas.

Working Principle

The vertical motor of the traditional submersible pump is fixed on the motor base by bolts. And it is directly driven by the pump through the elastic coupling. The pump body, the intermediate pipe, the pump frame, the liquid outlet pipe and the pipe flange are connected by bolts and fixed on the bottom plate. The whole of the pump is installed on the container through the bottom plate. The axial and radial forces are borne by the single direction thrust ball bearings, single row radial ball bearings and sliding guide bearings installed in the bearing box.

In order to ensure the safe and normal operation of the pump, the bearing is lubricated with butter, and the guide bearing is lubricated with the delivered materials. Therefore, the working surface must be higher than the impeller centerline. When the length of the container is different, it can be divided into an intermediate guide bearing structure and a non-intermediate guide bearing structure.

New Type Submersible Pump

According to GB3836.1, GB3836.2, GB3836.9, GB3836.20 and other specifications, the new type submerged pump can be explosion-proof as a whole, in line with the explosion-proof standard of 1 zone outside the tank and 0 zone inside the tank. The shaft length can be adjusted according to the tank depth and limited without the length. The pump is maintenance-free, explosion-proof and low energy consumption. The motor and the centrifugal pump are immersed together in the bottom of the underground tank. And the motor is connected with the centrifugal pump on the same axis. The impeller is driven to pressurize the material and push the material to the target storage.

Working Principle

The structure of the new type submersible pump is that the pump and the motor are connected into the liquid. And the motor and the short shaft of the pump are connected. The material flow from the middle plays two roles: one, cooling the motor, thereby ensuring motor life. Another, the liquid flows through the gap between the stator and the rotor which with a good lubrication effect on the bearing. The temperature rise of the motor and the wear of the bearing have been effectively solved.